Better Reseda Homes and Garden

Do you have or know of a home with stunning curb appeal?

The Reseda Centennial Committee is requesting photos of artistically decorated lawns and homes in the city of Reseda.

From their May 29, 2012, press release – Call For Landscape/Curb Appeal Photos

To celebrate the beauty and artistry of the people of Reseda in its Centennial Year, the Reseda Centennial Committee is asking residents proud of their efforts to express their talents in decorating their lawns and homes. The committee is preparing for its inaugural Music and Art Festival in Reseda Park, September 29.

“Art can be found anywhere. In a museum, in a church, or on a front lawn,” said Hank Truxillo, chair of the Reseda Centennial Celebration Committee. “In a sense, we are all artists of our own community. Despite what others would have you believe, Reseda is a proud, creative, and elegant neighborhood.”

Photos will be posted on the Centennial Website, the Centennial Facebook Page, and may be entered into the Reseda Centennial Art Video, similar to the Living in Reseda video on YouTube.

Reseda, one of the original valley suburbs, will be celebrating its 100th year throughout 2012, planning and participating in events and revelries culminating in a gala outdoor music and art festival in September. Reseda, the hub of the valley, was an original Red Car stop on the Pacific Electric line, and is host to the Los Angeles River, ground-zero of the Northridge Earthquake, and the home of the Karate Kid.

Reseda was once the heart of a diverse and vibrant music scene, with acts such as U2, Tom Petty, James Brown, No Doubt, Zoogz Rift, Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams, and Jane’s Addiction performing at such locations as The Country Club and BeBop Records. The Reseda Centennial Music and Art Festival seek to recreate the heyday of the Reseda music and art scene as well as celebrate the diversity of its community with a wide variety of cultural performances and artistry.

You can find more information on the web by visiting the Reseda Centennial webpage, or you can find them on Facebook.

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