LAUSD Summer 2012 Free Lunch Program

The LAUSD has a free summer lunch program for kids ages 1-18. Select school sites will host and provide lunch free of charge.  Feel free to share this information as someone you may know might be in need.

June 26 – August 3rd
July 9 – August 3rd

LAUSD Summer Lunch Program Flyer
Free Lunch Program Hours by Site

Press Release Summer Meal Program

From the LAUSD site:
The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is to make sure that children in lower-income areas could continue to receive nutritious meals during long school vacations, when they do not have access to school breakfast or lunch. It is the single largest Federal resource available for local sponsors to combine feeding programs with summer activity programs. SFSP sponsors receive reimbursements for serving healthy meals and snacks to children and teenagers at approved sites in low-income areas. Anyone 18 years and younger may take part and enjoy these healthy, well-balanced meals.

From the USDA site:
During the school year, many children receive free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch through the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs. What happens when school lets out? Hunger is one of the most severe roadblocks to the learning process. Lack of nutrition during the summer months may set up a cycle for poor performance once school begins again. Hunger also may make children more prone to illness and other health issues. The Summer Food Service Program is to fill that nutrition gap and make sure children can get the nutritious meals they need.


From now until September 3, children 18 years of age and younger, enrolled in the program will be given sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, milk, string cheese, and yogurt in the morning and afternoon at no cost to their parent or guardian.

Also, check out the Los Angeles County Summer Lunch Program Office or call the office at (310) 965-8630 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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