Million Trees LA initiative

There is something mesmerizing about the canopy of a tree-lined street during summer that brings thoughts of youth and riding bikes until dusk. Nowadays, that ethereal beauty one might experience if we all lived in a Walton’s sized property — the giant porch overlooking a large property with big trees all around, a little haven or refuge to escape big city life. Having a little piece of that sounds blissful. Pour yourself a nice glass of cold tea and relax outside – ahhh!

In my neighborhood, we have large tree remaining, others are barely hanging on and this is over the course of the last ten years.

After reading over the Million Trees LA initiative (MTLA), I wanted to help spread the word. Depending on where you live in the valley, perhaps it is possible to get some of that back into the communities. If you have a larger property, there might be space for a few more shade trees.

From their site:
Many of the one million new trees will be planted by City departments on public property. Others will be planted throughout the City by each volunteer, community groups, organizations, and businesses.

Million Trees LA is a cooperative effort between the City of Los Angeles, community groups, businesses, and people working together to plant and provide long-term stewardship of one million trees planted where they’re needed most. Million Trees LA will take several years and build on other programs that plant and care for the urban forest.

Have you participated in the program yet? We want to know what your experience might have been, send us an email or comment below!

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