O’Melveny Park and Bee Canyon Trail

Spontaneity led us to O’Melveny Park several months ago. We packed a light snack and strapped on decent hiking shoes and headed out the door. On a late Sunday afternoon, I was not sure what to expect since I had never been to this trail.

Tucked away in Granada Hills near Balboa Blvd., this park is the second largest in Los Angeles right behind Griffith Park. After we entered, we found plenty of spots to stop and have a picnic and the park was fairly tidy. Our four-legged family member wiggled her tail at the many other leashed furry friends trotting along.

After snacking, we headed up Bee Canyon Trail which overall was a moderate climb. This trail did not feel too intense, it was mild. Dirt with lots of loose gravel, so not wheelchair friendly.

Finally, when we reached a few forks in our path, we ventured up a few higher peaks. I am glad we did, the view of the valley was gorgeous. I was so glad we went ahead and made it out of the house. We snapped this picture after climbing to the top.

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