Independent Shakespeare Co. at Griffith Park

Our caravan was more than half children, so to no fault of the ISC, we had difficulty concentrating on the play. Before you ask, why did you bring kids, we noticed we were not the only parents with little-ish ones. Being the nice family that we are, we sat way in the back as to not disturb the performance.

Who:  Independent Shakespeare Co
What: Shakespeare
When: Thurs-Sunday until September 2, 2012 (see site for latest schedule)
Why: Because you can and they are good
Where: Located near the Old Zoo, Griffith Park

Summer schedule 2012, Griffith Park (from the ISC website)

The seating area near the Old Zoo is on a large grassy slope. Follow the signs and others. We found it without any problem. As we got situated, I noticed several picnic tables and plenty of space to spread out. From looking around, most others toted lawn chairs, snacks and there were several four-legged friends hanging out.

Side note: Bring a flash light if you need to head back to the car or leave early. We happened to leave before the end and the safety light was not illuminated yet. The pathway had several pot holes, thus plenty of opportunity to get hurt. I am prone to trip over my own feet. Thankfully we navigated through it with 2 toddlers in hand, phew. We parked in lot 1 which was the furthest from the designated area.

Side note: bring a light sweater or something to bundle up in, temps dropped quickly. Surprising it was a bit chilly last weekend.

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