Mouth watering food truck

UPDATE: 10/2013: Saw that the Frysmith truck is not in rotation. They are doing catered events. Does anyone have any info on this?

What makes Frysmith so unique? Could it be their signature ketchup or unique concoctions atop the tasty, fresh fries. One of my first food truck experiences, Kimchi Fries. I was a little hesitant but that quickly faded. The crunch of the fries, spice of the cabbage and delicious onions and cheese — melt in your mouth type of good.

What makes Erik Cho’s one of the best food trucks around? He has built the business around mindful catering and eating. For example biodegradable forks, they reuse the fry oil to run the truck’s engine, and free-range chicken and cage-free eggs.

If you catch the Frysmith truck roaming your part of the WSFV, give them a try.


Kimchi, Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheese.

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