Crime in the West SFV

The Daily News ran a story yesterday, Thefts on the rise along Ventura Boulevard businesses, about an increase of thefts in the San Fernando Valley and along the Ventura Boulevard corridor.  The story cites a report released by the LAPD’s West Valley Topanga Division.  Overall, the LAPD reports that crime is down,  violent Crime by 9.3% and Property Crime by 0.7%.  Based on the crime map trend report, the biggest vehicle break in days are the weekends and their bookends, Monday and Friday.

With just a quick look at the Crime Mapping link from the West Valley Division, you can get a pretty good idea from the visual of what the original story talked about.

So often the question raised in my circles is what can we do about all of this crime?  Is it a matter of increasing policing, better securing of property or a general increase of citizen vigilance?  The answer is probably a mix of all the above.

The LAPD has some great tips on crime prevention with a list of crime prevention tips for your home, your business, yourself and your family.  They have a great Burglary Prevention tip sheet that is a great starter for how to keep you secure.

But, let’s open the forum here and ask why do you think all of this crime is on the uptick?

  • Is it an increase of criminal opportunity – more people, more gadgets, and more crimes of opportunity with more being left out in the open and easily stolen?
  • The economy – with unemployment in LA near 12.5% are more people turning to crime as a means to make ends meet (illicitly or otherwise).
  • Or, is policing just not getting the job done in lieu of bigger handling bigger crimes?  Do we need more cops on the street?

I’m sure you could add to the list of reasons behind uptick, and I’m curious to know what your opinions are.

Do you think crime is up in the West San Fernando Valley? Looking for more information on Neighborhood Watch in your area — Download the West Valley Neighborhood Watch list or go to Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield‘s website.

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