National Dog Day

Several years ago, we packed up the family and took short trip to North Hollywood. After much discussion and contemplation, we picked our newest family member. She was a black spotted, white boxer. A heart large enough to melt away any concerns we had about adopting. In a previous life, she was used to breed puppies and then left at the pound. The day she came home with us, she was born again.

She filled the next four years of our life with adventure, endlessly bouncing and dutifully sitting by our side through good and bad times. It has been almost 4 years since I last saw her and it still brings tears to my eyes. I never knew the day we adopted her how much she would become apart of me and now, I can never imagine my life without her.


In honor of our little boxer mama, Love Bug, we are sharing her story of a second chance at life because of National Dog Day.

The year she passed, we adopted another. Now, her younger sister has made sure to keep things organized here and Love Bug’s spirit lives on through her. <3

If you are thinking about adopting, there is a great need for loving foster and permanent homes. Look up your favorite, local pet rescue. There are many worthy organizations. Start by searching Pet Finder.

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