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What is going down West San Fernando. We hope stress levels or whatever goals you are setting for yourself. We have officially started the Community Challenge.

From now until December 18, 2012, stop by this post each week and leave a comment. Share and discuss the challenges you met, what you want to change about your habits or mention the highlights of your week. We are hoping everyone who participates reaches new general wellness goals they set for themselves. With the holiday season quickly approaching, I cannot think of a better way to stay on task.

What is the point besides leaving comments on this blog post?
We all know what benefits us most. Whether it is taking time to enjoy a nice walk during work hours, spending time with family for a few laugh out loud moments or strapping on some roller blades and hitting the bike path at Lake Balboa. Whatever you think is good for your soul that encourages general wellness. Leave a comment about it. Once per week/person, please.  If you are new here, make sure to read the disclaimer.

Need some motivation?
Besides improved wellness, we have a few incentives. Each week, there will be a new giveaway. Winners will be picked at random from the comments left each week. At the end of the Community Challenge, ONE LUCKY community friend will win the Grand Prize gift basket. In order to be eligible for this prize, this person will have left a thoughtful comment EACH week (10 comments total). List of giveaways:

Sounds like fun. Please be sure to contact us with any questions. Otherwise, thank you so much for participating. I will be posting weekly giveaway information in the comments, on this post.

GOOD LUCK everyone!!!

With any changes to your fitness or wellness plan, discuss any concerns with your physician. Read the disclaimer and prize details: WSFV Community Challenge Disclaimer.

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