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north valley Y, NVY, Porter Ranch YThe North Valley YMCA is in the final stretch to help feed 2000 families this year for Thanksgiving and they need your help to get there.

The North Valley Y began this holiday tradition in 2007 when they gave out 50 baskets to needy families.  Since then, the tradition of giving has grown reaching 1500 baskets in 2011.  This year, they  hope to raise enough to give away 2000.

They need your help.

If you know the sting of not being able to provide for your family on this holiday of thankfulness and have the means to help, the Y is asking for your generous contributions to help meet that need.  And because the YMCA is a charitable organization your contributions are, of course, tax deductible.

The Y will gladly accept any amount you can give to their effort, and will gratefully accept donations of food items or grocery store gift certificates.

To donate, checks can be made out and mailed to:
North Valley Family YMCA-2012 Thanksgiving
11336 Corbin Ave.,

Or, you can drop in and give your gift of store gift cards and food items at the front desk.

If you’d like to find out more about more ways to give or volunteer to help give the baskets out, contact Tracy Karagari at 818-368-3231 ext 2325.

Want to give from the comforts of your home computer? Northridge Fashion Center is offering to give $1 for every ‘Like’ they receive on Facebook, by November 12th, which will go directly to the Turkey Day baskets.  Get your Like in today (we did) to help feed those in need for Thanksgiving.

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