Last quarter in the Family Fun Arcade

The LA Weekly blog posted an article about the closing of the Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills.

For many of the newer resident’s of the valley, this might be one of those stories that get passed by without much notice.  After all, with the rise of in home game consoles, who goes to arcades anymore?

That seems to be exactly the problem, too many game systems at home and to few pin ball wizards to play the silver ball.

The article on the LA Weekly blog, Family Fun Arcade Prepares to Close, After Four Decades as a Granada Hills Hangout by Drew Barillas, talked to the arcades owner Ralph Sehnert who see’s the future of the arcade industry as uncertain.

It really is an end of an electronic era that had an almost 40 year span.

One of the things Barillas does well in the article is point out the level of competition under the banner of Family Fun.  Street Fighter, he writes, brought crowds fromSan Diegoand the East coast to compete for the mantle of best player.

Thankfully, you still have some time to play out those quarters and re-live your fond memories behind the, now, vintage stand up arcade game.

Family Fun Arcade is located (for now) at
10363 Balboa Blvd,
Granada Hills,CA91344

You can visit Family Fun Arcade on the web or on Facebook.

For those who might remember, the Winnetka Pacific Theaters had an arcade a few years back (now a MMA gym) and there was one at the Northridge Mall just outside theTampaside parking structure.

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What other arcades do you remember in the valley?

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