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make your own pizza at pieologyPieology opens 2 new locations in the WSFV!

Fresh out of the wood oven comes a new pizza shop in Granada Hills.  Pieology, a new create-your-own pizza parlor, is set to open its doors on Saturday (August 10, 2013) with a fresh and tasty menu.

Pieology in Granada Hills is the newest eatery, at Chatsworth and Zelzah, serving up a fresh menu that dares you to “Be Inspired to make a difference one pie at a time.”  While perhaps the idea of a pizzeria does not necessarily evoke inspirational thoughts, the build-a-pizza assembly line guarantees the tapping of your inner pieologist to create your very own one-of-a kind pizza.  A few minutes in the glowing oven, a couple of dashes of red pepper and grated Parmesan and what you end up with is a tasty work of inspired art.

Opened as one of several corporate stores, Pieology Granada Hills is the second foray in the West San Fernando Valley, their sister pizzeria opened in June at Nordhoff and Reseda.  Founded in the OC, Pieology is slowly making its way into the valley.

And, for the frugal minded foodie, Pieology has their price point right too.  Priced at a reasonable $7.50, you get to build your creation with your own choice of toppings, made to your taste.  And, for the non-pizza eater, they have classic and Caesar salads in full or half-sized portions.

Maybe the most important part of our visit was the vibe of the pizzeria.  With a new staff full of fresh and happy smiles, Pieology has a warm and youthful vibe that makes for a fun and easy sit down meal with out the stress and pressure of a heavy faux Italian dinner.  Pieology may not be the newest iteration of quick and easy pizza made to taste, but their atmosphere and service does bring new inspiration to the tried and true genre of restaurants. P.S. They have gluten free crusts!

We liked Pieology, and think you will too.

Pieology Granada HIlls
Open 7 days 11am to 10pm
17943 Chatsworth St.
Unit 30A
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 831 8500

Thank you to the kind folks at the Granada Hills Pieology, we were able to try menu items as a part of their training, prior to opening, August 10th. See our Pieology review on Yelp!

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