So long Breaking Bad

As the series is coming to a close, I am holding back the tears.

Becoming a fan of the show was a struggle for me. I fought the urge to watch it for so many years. My nephew repeatedly promoted it and would tell me, over and over, I would enjoy it. Yet, I refused.

Then, during a long, cross-country flight, I watched the ONE episode that was loaded on my iPod. I was hooked. The show is so much more than about “cooking”. The underlying theme of each person’s definition of morality has left me in shock every week.

What does all that have to do with the West San Fernando Valley? Glad you asked.

The cast spreads the love to a valley resident
The first episode for this season’s Breaking Bad was dedicated to a local teen who passed earlier this year from cancer. Kevin Cordasco was a fan of the series and related to Walter White’s battle with the disease. The 16-year old who passed in March, lived in the West San Fernando Valley.

Bryan Cranston broke bad at Canoga Park High School and LA Valley College, first
I recently saw that he graduated from Canoga Park High and was in the Chemistry Club. Later, he graduated from Los Angeles Valley College with a degree in Police Science. The valley just got 6 degrees cooler.

As a side note, they care, bitch
Even Aaron Paul’s wife is in on the action. Lauren Parsekian is a sweet heart. She started the Kind Campaign. They are educating young girls across the country, trying to stop girl on girl hate. Go check it out, enough said.

Sigh. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Get your box of Kleenex ready for the last episode. I’m so sad to see the show end. So long Breaking Bad and thanks for the memories.



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