Heading south for fun

couldsWell, not that far. Although, this is a trip worth the drive down the 405 freeway. I have a handful of horror stories about motel stays that I will share with you sometime but for now I want to talk about our great stay in San Diego. 

Question: How much time do you spend in a hotel room? Unless you are looking for resort style accommodations or traveling for business, not very much time right? I did not think so. That’s why I have found Best Western’s to be a great choice for my family over the years.

Their service is fairly reliable. Clean bed, vacuumed and maintained rooms plus breakfast. I am sure there are the exceptions however, this has been my experience with nearly 10 different Best Westerns.

With that said, I wanted to tell you about the location off of Clairemont Drive. Lets get into the details.

Parking lot:
The parking lot is on the smallish side if you plan to park near the pool area otherwise there is ample parking on the side of the motel, facing Clairemont.

Upon check-in I was greeted immediately. The front desk was busy with another guest but I did not have to wait long. The gentleman assisting me appeared on the youngish side, so he seemed a little inexperienced however, he was quick and friendly while he checked me in.

When I entered the room, it appeared fairly standard to my expectations for Best Western. Which is a good thing. I did not notice any unusual amounts of debris or stains anywhere. With this being a pet friendly motel, it appeared rather tidy. The beds appeared clean and without any stains. I did not have any issues getting to sleep. The only issue I did notice in the room was the cord for the hair dryer kept falling out.

Noise level:
We stayed for several days and for the most part, it was a rather quiet stay even with it being so close to the pool. There was the usual kid noise around the pool until 10pm but I could not hear much even with our door close and facing it.

Probably the noisiest experience I had during our stay was a group of women who showed for breakfast one morning. They were gabbing and cackling so loud for 7am but aside from that it was a very nice to sit and chat with other travelers. Staff was working non-stop cleaning, stocking and assisting guests. One morning, a host placed forks on our plate while we got up to get coffee. This type of assistance first thing in the morning is usually unheard of. Barely awake, I was flabbergasted with how on top of things he was.


Continental breakfast:
They serve breakfasts in the morning starting at 7am. The fare was above standard as some places only serve cold cereal, bagels and fruit. Each morning there was a hot breakfast which usually consisted of a microwaveable item. In addition, they have a waffle machine, yogurt, OJ, apple juice, coffee, sweets, bagels and more.  I am telling you all of this because we did not have to buy breakfast each morning. It was a nice extra.

The pool is on the smaller size however it matches the motel. The distance to attractions was nice. The place is right off the freeway, so it was just minutes to downtown. Plus, if you go east on Clairemont there are many dining options. We found Target, Chipotle and a tasty mexican drive-thru across from the pharmacy. I can’t remember the name at the moment but if you email me I’ll look it up. Try their breakfast burrito or tacos. They were great. It was a recommendation from a friend with great taste!

If you have pets, there is a park within 5 minutes walking distance, west of this site. Also, most of the motels in San Diego are older. This is a given. Unless you plan on staying at a super swanky hotel, I have always trusted Best Western and would return here again. The location is set back off the main street so it is easy to miss, keep your eyes open.

I would definitely recommend this Best Western for families traveling.

Best Western
2575 Clairemont Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
Phone:(619) 275-5700

Disclaimer: Our stay was complimentary. I was not paid for this review and all opinions here are my own. The photos are my own and unedited.


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