Mulholland Gateway Park

Ready for a hike? Try Cabarello Canyon Trail in Marvin Braude Gateway Park.

Travel south on Reseda Blvd, once you pass Ventura there begins the slow climb up to one of the entrances to this trail. If you park just outside, there are no parking fees. Watch for the entrance sign. It’s a little more of a trek to the base of the trail. Want to wear yourself out? Park near the residential area and walk Reseda all the way. It is harder than it looks.

The reason I love this trail is because you have options. From what I hear, the path leads to the beach (have not done it yet) and joins with various other trails. So you choose the direction. Lots of vegetation and dry brush during summer. If you plan to go off the main trails, I’d suggest light weight, exercise pants.

Things to watch for:
The entrance sign for the park, there are parking fees once inside
Mountain bikers, really fast ones that whiz by
Loose rock and gravel
On leash four-legged furry friends
Friendly hikers, this is a busy trail

This is one of my favorite hiking trails in the WSFV!

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