Happy New Year

I started the year off with the motto, out with the old in with the new. In the process, I stumbled on this ancient flyer I kept as a memento. Do you remember the live video show based out of Orange County, Request Video?

RVI believe it was on Monday through Friday at 5 pm on KDOC channel 56. In each sixty-minute show, I would cross my fingers and toes in hopes that I would see a video I requested.

They interviewed a plethora of artists, held giveaways and packed so much into a one hour show — it was worth tuning in each day.

I believe this Merry Christmas note arrived with Epic t-shirts I had won. Finding this made me feel so nostalgic. So much, I am posting this weeks after the holiday and not saving it for next year.

Happy New Year everyone! Where is Poorman, Gia, and the rest of Request Video staff these days?

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