Pierce College Track

Nestled on the south side, a short distance past the Pierce College’s administration building is Chalk Hill. Right beside parking lot 5, the gates lead you to the cross-country course. At first glance the course looks fairly easy however, once you get over to the other side, there are switchbacks. The toughest part of this for me, there were no trees which means no shade. On a hot day, the sun is intense.

Once you reach the top of the first hill, there is a decent view of the entire valley. It is definitely worth the climb. Why is it called Chalk Hill? It is a part of the range in the area called “Chalk Hills” plus from looking at the dirt on the course, it is very light in color and powdery.

If you have looked for a decent place to walk or run without having to drive to the hiking trails, this is it. The entire course from the gate through all the paths on the west hill is 1.8 miles. There is another mild to moderate hill on the east side. There is a sign for no dogs permitted on the field. I saw a few other runners but it was not busy by any means. I did not notice any parking restrictions. Although it would be a good idea to check.

Local high school cross country track students competing.

Local high school cross-country teams competing.

Chalk Hill at Pierce College 
6201 Winnetka Ave, 91371

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