Jerry’s Soda Shoppe

Located inside De Soto Pharmacy, this little gem is frozen in time. We strolled in here late afternoon during the week. I decided to treat the kids to root beer floats.

Surprisingly, not one of them ordered floats. Only me (see picture).

The place was not crowded upon entering. It was nice and quiet. I overheard a conversation with another patron who asked about the Food Magazine feature and other local buzz. She mentioned they have been non-stop busy. The female behind the counter was pleasant and her personality was reminiscent of someone who might have worked in the 50’s. She smiled, greeted us, followed up and thanked us.

The long counter top service area had seating enough for about 10 patrons and additional tables located inside the pharmacy as well. While we waited, we looked at all the retro advertisements which included Coca Cola and laxatives.


When we received our chilled treats, they were all delicious looking. Mine was topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

I had read Yelp reviews about the chocolate on the glass. So, I knew what to expect. My kids were determined to pick the chocolate off the glass so I gave it a try too. I should not have done that. It was definitely meant to be decorative in my opinion.

Side note: sandwiches are on the menu as well.

The service was really superb and worth the trip. If you have time this summer, stop in and check it out.

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