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Nestled on the corner of Yarmouth and Chatsworth is a hidden confectioners delight where A Sweet Design has made its permanent home. The employees start their day well before the shop opens at 10 am. Walking by, the sweet scents waft through the air making passing by difficult.

I stopped in for a chat with Joeleen, one of the shop’s owners.

Perfecting a delicious cupcake is serious business for Joeleen and Miguel Medina. Their creations have gained national attention and fans from all over Southern California. I was able to sit down with Joeleen for a moment to chat about her bakery. Although she would not share her secret recipes for some of the best sweets in the West Valley, she did tell me a few of her special ingredients.

Dedication. For more than 7 years, A Sweet Design has been a part of the San Fernando Valley. It is hard to miss their place. The current storefront with bright pink doors is reminiscent of an online virtual bakery. The whimsical looking shop boasts ample space for baking up some real cake masterpieces.

Plus, Friday nights bring lots of foot traffic as the shop is a part of the backdrop to the hundreds of patrons on Food Truck Fridays.

Heart. Each day, A Sweet Design bakes up enough goodies to fulfill walk-in and custom orders. On the rare occasion they have leftovers at the end of the day, local non-profits like M.E.N.D. are the lucky recipients of the fresh baked goodies.

Patience. They take advance orders. They also have an understanding and patience for dilly-dalliers like myself offering help to last-minute requests.

Creativity. Each treat made receives plenty of care and attention to detail. Hence the name A Sweet Design. The ornate patterns on the cupcakes we sampled were unlike anything we have seen before. Joeleen acknowledged how much of the credit goes to her husband, Miguel. His involvement in designing projects that bring many of the ideas to life.

Customer loyalty. There is a reason A Sweet Design’s cupcakes are so well-known. For example, one of their most popular cupcakes, Pink Velvet, brings in plenty of repeat business. One bite and it is understandable what the buzz is about. Read the description below.

Our Signature pink vanilla cake, iced in strawberry buttercream, garnished in mini pink, red & white hearts, dazzled with edible glitter.

Forget the strawberry buttercream, they had me at edible glitter.

The high energy mastermind behind the shop professes she has no plan on moving to another place anytime soon. Thank heavens!

For a full list of their yummy confections, visit their website, A Sweet Design.

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Everyday Cupcake Flavors

Red Velvet
Pink Velvet
Wheat Free
Chocolate Fudge
Vanilla Birthday Cake
Chocolate Cream Cheese

Monthly Cupcake Flavors

Try the Lemon Cream Cheese, yum! The menu alternates every few months, so be sure to look for updates on their social media accounts or website.

Custom Cupcake and Cake Designs

Check out their super cool creations on Flickr.

A Sweet Design
17801 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills 91344
phone: (818) 363-9825
email: ilovecake@asweetdesign.info
Mon – Sat 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Sun 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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