Salata translated means salad. During the summer months and year round in California it is the perfect meal.

Thank Salata’s Granada Hills owner for deciding to open one in the San Fernando Valley. Without much competition in the area, the build-your-own salad bar concept is a welcome addition.

Inspired by her visit to one of the locations in Texas, Janine Shamoun had to bring the salad revolution back home with her. She saw the need for good food options in the valley. Janine spent years working in the medical industry before realizing her passion for working with customers and the fulfillment she gets when hearing great feedback from customers.

I love hearing a customer tell me, I tried this combination and I loved it.

Janine’s love for our community does not stop in Granada Hills. In fact, she plans to open 2 more locations in the West Valley. At this moment, they are just waiting for a few small details and hopefully the locations will be open before the end of the year. Ideally, they plan to set up in Woodland Hills and Westlake Village.

The most shocking surprise for her has been the number of younger kids who have frequented the place. She professed she did not expect to see so many teens but they have. Nonetheless, she is not complaining. She loves the idea of bringing something healthier into the neighborhood. The best part is all the customization possibilities with their menu. This is great for even gluten-free customers. The staff received training on the ingredients and can help even those with very specific allergies such as soy, nut and dairy.

We care about our customers and it starts with the us knowing what is in everything including our dressings.


What else is there besides salad? How about soups, wraps, teas and baked goodies.

Take any salad and turn it into a wrap. Awesome right? Get all that goodness wrapped up in a tortilla of your choice (gluten-free options coming soon) and turn it into a “salad burrito”.

Each day, the veggies are hand prepped for the hungry folks who gladly line up for fresh ingredients. Do not forget to get a baked goody, soup and tea with your meal. Black China, Tropical Green, and Plum Cinnamon are Salata’s signature teas.

Catering and Online Ordering

Did you know Salata has online ordering? With over 50 different items to help custom and create a unique salad, there is something for nearly everyone. If you are not sure what you want or would like to order a standard salad you can pick from Cobb, Greek, Southwest, Caesar and Asian. Plus, you can pick up a half-gallon of the teas to complete your catering order.

Shhh. I overheard some talk about a secret menu for this location. Stay tuned.


Salata took over the old 1-800-FLOWERS site in the Ralphs shopping center. Keep an eye out for them on Food Truck Fridays.

18080 Chatsworth St #C
Granada Hills 91344
(818) 832-2429

We received menu items in exchange for our opinions. All our opinions are our own.

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