Hidden Cash at Lake Balboa

Dust clouds, treasure hunters with sticks and lots of children intensely combed through the brush and trees at Lake Balboa this morning. A little after 10am, Hidden Cash announced a second clue which confirmed the site.

LA clue #2: Rocky would have liked this park. By the lake, in trees, under trees, near trees, holes. Side closer to foot bridge.

Along with the hundreds of residents searching for the last boxes containing cash, 5 news vans, 1 helicopter and several police cars gathered to watch patiently.

Despite the frenzy, most everyone was pleasant and one lucky girl got a box from a generous resident.

A lady just handed my little sister a box and walked away? whoever it was thank you!!  – 


I am not sure if Jason Buzi takes requests for hidden cash locations but I would like to think he saw mine.

For what it is worth, we found some hidden cash. Not at Lake Balboa.

In our own home, tucked away. Score!

Perhaps, I will save the gas next time and just search my house. Good luck all for the future money hunts.


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