Justice for Indy

Remember the poor pooch who had fireworks strapped on its legs last year? There is a rally scheduled at the courthouse in Van Nuys to support for Indy during the preliminary hearing against Carlos Duarte.


WHO: 100+ “Justice For Indy” Supporters and animal advocates (most wearing green in support of Indy)

WHAT: Gather to rally inside and outside of the preliminary hearing in the case against Carlos Duarte, the man suspected of strapping a young pit bull with fireworks, set ablaze, on July 4, 2013 and leaving the severely burned dog for dead in an alley in Van Nuys, CA the following morning.

WHEN: Wednesday September 24 beginning at 8:30am

WHERE: Van Nuys West Courthouse, located at 14400 Erwin Street Mall in Van Nuys

WHY: After numerous continuances in the year-long battle for “Justice For Indy” and against animal abuse, this is the day of the preliminary hearing when we will find out if Duarte takes a plea deal or if this case is headed for trial!

WHY ELSE: This will be the fifth time many of these people have attended the rallies. We are expecting the largest group ever and there are many well-informed, passionate and articulate people available for interviews.


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