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Thankfully the community here in the west valley shares their dining and entertainment experiences with us. When we ask a random question like, have you tried Koko’s Middle Eastern Restaurant – we get a handful of replies letting us know before we venture out into the sea of options that saturate the valley. If you are like us, agreeing on a place to go can be a bit draining (especially on a weekend night). With that said, when some of the guesswork is removed and we find the best experience for the price — it makes for a much nicer time from start to finish.

Recently, I noticed Groupon has a section dedicated to cut down on decision-making frustration. In Restaurant Pages, browse and navigate to your favorite restaurant’s page. Each page includes a brief description of what to expect (such as parking information, meal suggestions, atmosphere and current tips from other site users). This whole directory speaks to my inner foodie who loves to research ahead of time.

Even better, on the page there is an embedded google map and listing for any active deals via Groupon.

West San Fernando Valley, tell us. What is your favorite restaurant in the west valley (non chain)? Enter your response through our easy peasy form and that is it! You are entered to win $25 in Groupon Bucks! Ends 11/17/15 at 5pm PST.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Salsa and Beer 
Salsa and Beer

Dreamy Creations in Northridge

Disclaimer: We partnered with Groupon for this post. All of our opinions are those of the blog owners.


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