Holiday Gifting and Savings

Recently, a local friend on social media asked: what are the best gifts to give teachers? Guess what the majority of the responses were? If you guessed gift cards, you are right. Gift cards can seem easy. Yet they are appreciated by teachers, co-workers, neighbors and more. It takes so much of the guesswork and frustration out of looking for the perfect item. Plus, teachers are able to offset some of the cost for classroom supplies this way. A local teacher told me she appreciated them so much, especially during the holidays.

If you ever wondered how to stretch a dollar, ask a teacher. Some of the ways to save can be pretty complex. Like earning free miles from rewards card purchases throughout the year. If you are more like me, earning fuel points through grocery stores is the depth of my understanding. Either way, super savers or fuel point earners can get more for their dollars. From November 18th – December 8th, shop Kroger family grocery stores. Earn 4x the fuel points on gift card purchases! What does this mean? Simply put, buy any gift cards* and earn four times the points for gas savings. Perfect timing right before the holiday gifting and travel season.

For gift giving or adding savings to your own budget, it is worth it. Use your Kroger Rewards Card at checkout and voilà, it is that easy. Plus, some credit cards offer extra savings on purchases. Worth a little research to save another 3-6 percent. Hurry and save, before the promotion ends.

Got any tips on ways to save using rewards and/or gift cards?

*Except Kroger, open loop gift cards (ie Visa), prepaid or wireless cards. Disclaimer: We partnered with Kroger for this post. All opinions are those of the blog owners.

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