Buy Gift Cards at Albertsons and Safeway

Disclosure: We partnered with Safeway family grocery stores for this post. All opinions are our own. Our blog has to work for its keep, sometimes. 

Buy Gift Cards at Albertsons and Safeway until December 1st, 2015

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We know grocery store coupons and promotions are a bit time-consuming. Yet, if you’re looking for more ways to save during the holidays, here is one we feel is worthy.

Are you buying any gift cards this holiday? Lets say you need to buy several gift cards or maybe just one for places like PetSmart, Fandango or Kohls. Or these are stores you shop at on the regular. From now until December 1, buy them at Albertsons or Safeway family grocery stores. When you spend $125 on select gift cards, earn a $15 off $25 coupon for future grocery purchases.

Each holiday, we spend that amount on gift cards. Split between family, friends and co-workers, it all adds up. In plain English, that is a savings of 10% off or $15 off $150 ($125 in gift cards and $25 on future grocery store visit). There are more ways to increase the savings if you have patience to use manufacturer coupons. Couple this deal with manufacturer coupons. Plus, the grocery card fuel rewards (available through Safeway family stores). It is almost like finding $15 on the ground. Almost.

Do you find these kinds of promotions helpful with your budget?

*For further details on this promotion, please see the stores for fine print on exclusions.

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