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Facing the Topanga Boulevard side at the Village, eatsa opened their doors late 2015.

You might be saying, why do I care? There are a few reasons. One of the many things we lack in the area is inexpensive meals on the go without so many simple carbohydrates. Imagine your favorite comfort foods made healthier and better for you. Now imagine the cost is comparable to most fast food restaurants. Doesn’t sound possible but it is. eatsa has nutritious, convenient meals starting at $6.95. The menu includes easy to order chef bowls or create-your-own which can be placed at the restaurant or through the eatsa mobile app.

They have designed their menu around quinoa and managed to make it great with a variety of flavors to appeal to the pickiest eaters. A few of the popular bowls are listed below in italic.

Burrito BowlNo Worry Curry,  Mediterranean and Harvest Bowl. This one has Quinoa Stuffing topped with Green Beans, Roasted Root Vegetables, Cranberry Relish, Mushroom Gravy, Almonds and Crispy Onion Strings. Finally, the Smokehouse Salad. It has Toasted Red Quinoa and Mixed Greens topped with BBQ Portabella, Tomato, Cucumber, Corn, Caramelized Onions, Roasted Red Pepper, Sharp Cheddar with BBQ Ranch and Crispy Onion Strings. Sounds delicious, right? It is.

Our thoughts*

Inside the location, there is one employee available to help with questions. Every time we have stopped in the staff is friendly and helpful. During this visit, there was a small line, yet the wait was no longer than a few minutes. It is small yet quaint. Definitely geared towards, ordering and getting the food. Outside there are a few small tables to stay and enjoy your meal.

About the food. The Burrito Bowl has Guacamole, Salsa Fresca, Queso Mexicano, Asada Portabello, Grilled Corn, Warm Lemon-Herb Toasted Quinoa, Tortilla Chips, Seasoned Pinto Beans. It is one of our favorite bowls. Before this review, we had stopped in and tried this specific item. It has exactly what you would expect. It is much lighter than a regular burrito because there is no flour tortilla. Instead quinoa accompanied by a few tortilla chips. The No Worry Curry has Stir-Fry Style Quinoa with Arugula, Curried Parsnip Strips, Pickled Onions, Roasted Potatoes, Apple-Cabbage Slaw, Red Thai Curry and Spaghetti Squash. This one is my personal favorite. I love Indian spices so it was an easy choice. It has a lot of kick with the curry. The curried parsnip strips were great and went well with it. The Mediterranean is straightforward. A fresh blend of cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and feta cheese. A dill yogurt sauce comes with it for dressing. The Chili con Quinoa has a bit of more spice than I like yet it was still good. We are fans of all four.


After ordering from the touch screen kiosk, the customer names appear on the screens above the food delivery area. Within about four to five minutes, our food was ready.

The one thing I noticed that needs some attention is the trash can located near the utensil and napkin dispenser. The can itself could be a bit wider as it was difficult to fit larger sized trash through the narrow opening. Or a second one outside, that would be helpful. Not a big issue more a concern when there is large lunch rush.

WSFV, if you have not stopped in yet, we would recommend giving a bowl a try. In comparison to other quick food options, the price and quality of ingredients make this a win-win. Check out the eatsa promotion code on our facebook page — it is good for one free bowl on January 26th from 4 to 8pm. This is a part of the Ribbon Cutting celebration for the Woodland Hills location. Stop in and welcome eatsa to the community!

eatsa at The Village
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Parking options

  • Two reserved spots are available for picking up take-out orders (from the Topanga Blvd parking lot).
  • Inside the parking structure, it is free for the first hour.
  • Use parking at the Promenade. Walk over or hop on the trolley.

About eatsa
The Co-Founders, Scott Drummond and Tim Young joined their expertise to develop a new experience for the next generation of fast, healthy food options. To learn more, visit eatsa online.

Check out the video below which demonstrates the ordering process.

*Disclaimer: WSFV received complimentary bowls from eatsa to conduct this review, however, our opinions are just that. Our opinions.

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