Basic Emergency Supplies Checklist

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According to the USGS, California averages about 10,000 earthquakes per year. Since earthquakes are common for us, how can we ease some of the anxiety about when the next one will happen? One way to reduce worry is to create an emergency kit. West San Fernando Valley residents need a basic emergency supply kit for more than one reason (fires and sometimes flooding occurs as well). Even a small kit will help post-earthquake or any disaster. Here are a few ideas for things to include:

West San Fernando Valley Basic Emergency Supplies Checklist
Food and Water
 Water: 1 gallon per person per day
 Cooking utensils: matches, can opener, sporks, knives, camping stove, paper plates/bowls
 Food with long shelf life: like canned soup, beans, meal replacement bars
Health and Personal Supplies
 Medicines: several day supply per person
 Eye wear: spare reading glasses and/or contacts
 Hygiene: soap, hand wipes, sanitary items for women
 Clothing: change of clothes including socks and shoes
 Bedding: emergency blankets and/or sleeping bags for each person
Safety Supplies
 First aid kit: bandages, first aid tape, ointments, antiseptic, tweezers, masks, whistle
 Tools: multi-purpose tool, scissors, wrench, flashlights, radio, small crow bar
 Batteries or power supplies: extra for items in kit
 Additional: eye goggles, gloves, hard shoes
 Extra supplies: garbage bags with ties, maps, fire extinguisher
For Children
 Water: 1 gallon per child per day
 Clothing: extra set of clothing, shoes, socks, sleeping bag or warm blankets
 Activities: coloring books, crayons, paper, pencil, books and puzzles
For Pets
 Water: 1 gallon per pet per day
 Food: 1 week supply
 Bedding: spare blanket or pet bed
 Disposable supplies: garbage bag with ties for waste clean up
 Medical: records and several week supply of medication
Fire Safe
 Important documents: vaccinations and health records for members of family
 List of phone numbers and addresses: doctor’s office, insurance companies, out-of-state family
 Back up items: extra set of keys for house and/or car, insurance cards, cash on hand
*This is a basic list. Please assess your individual and/or family needs according to family size, health conditions and so on. Also, store items in weather resistant containers i.e. place matches inside a water-tight container etc.

The Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (LA EMD) has information about procedures such as gas and water shut-off tips and more. Plus, sign-up for updates from or received text updates by sending the words NOTIFYLA to 888-777 (one word).

Did we miss any items in the checklist?

Van Nuys Fire Station 39 (6)

Disclosure: I received compensation for my work on this post. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.



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