$20 Staples Gift Card WYB MasterCard #StaplesEZr

Hate those pesky gift card fees? Me too. Depending on the company the fees sometimes range from $2.95 to $6.95. While it is minimal, it still adds up. Especially in bulk purchases.

For example, when picking up gifts for five people at $25 per card. The fee charges are $2.95 times five. That is about $15 dollars on top of the cost. Shesh.

That is why these store specific deals are helpful. If you shop Staples, this one is for you. The offer ends April 29th — that will offset those fees. When you buy $300 in MasterCard Gift Cards, get a $20 Staples Gift Card.

This might be the last chance to pick up some gift cards before graduations and summer birthdays. Get in there and get it done. Find your local Staples and get more details on the offer. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tatu Digital Media. It helps keep our blog lights on 🙂


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