Spruce up the Garden #Groupon #ad

With allergy season in full swing, sadly, gardening was on hold. The pollen in the air has made it nearly impossible to be outside. Now the wind? It is stirring everything up! Poor allergy sufferers, I know. Hopefully, you are not dealing with the same issue.

Thankfully, mine are under control at the moment (knock wood). So, it is time to spruce up the garden and plant some yummy veggies before it is too late. Home Depot has lots of vegetables in stock now.

Groupon’s Home Depot page has a link with instructions for how to sign-up and receive a $5 off $50 coupon (when you join Home Depot’s Garden Club). Did not know Home Depot had coupons.

Enjoy WSFV — get outside and make the garden pretty this weekend.

Disclaimer: We partnered with Groupon on this post. It helps keep our blog lights on!

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