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“The largest graduating class…”

It is likely we all know a Spring 2017 graduate through family, friends or acquaintances. Most of these students have worked hard over the last four to five years. The lucky few will have no debt to manage this summer. For the rest, once the loan’s grace period ends, it will be time to start paying down the balance. Many students will have to start in entry-level positions at local businesses. Yet, these wages do not cover expenses to live independent — let alone pay off interest accruing loans.

Even without borrowing, most graduates are grateful for monetary gifts. These funds go towards the next steps in their future. Graduate school, entering the work force or relaxing a little. Whatever path they take, cheers to the largest graduating class to date! Best of luck to you all.

Know a graduate? Pick up Visa Gift Cards through Staples and get a little store credit perk.

The perfect graduation gift! 

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